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Vitamins: What's the Big Deal?

The human body requires certain nutrients in trace quantities in order to combat diseases and stay healthy. These nutrients are called vitamins. Your body can’t manufacture most of the vitamins it nee…

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NEW: Formula 216

It was futurist Ray Kurzweil who said the speed of information is accelerating at such an exponential rate that discoveries are being made that can’t be put into practice before another more advanced…

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Is CBD Right for Me?

Chances are you’ve heard of CBD. Perhaps you’ve read about it online or even seen signs for local shops selling it. Maybe a friend has told you they are taking it for pain relief or anxiety. You may h…

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Staff Picks

Dr. Ron Hunninghake1.What do you like about this product? Simple. Safe. Scientifically grounded. The perfect universal vitamin pill…a true “McPill.”(First described this way by Dr. Hugh Riordan himse…

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Research Shows: Oral Vitamin C Can Protect Against the Common Cold

A recently published study in the journal Nutrients entitled, “Vitamin C and Infections” by Harri Hemilä of the University of Helsinki in Finland, found a strong correlation between oral vitamin C dos…

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