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Plant-Derived Supplement Shows Promise as a Natural Cancer-Fighter

Arum palaestinum, a perennial plant that produces a deep purple lily flower, has a long history of use as a medicinal plant in the Middle East, including cancer treatment. One survey of Palestinian he…

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The Miracle Molecule

The chemical properties of Nitric Oxide were first characterized in 1772. Ferid Murad first described nitric oxide as a vasodilator and elucidated the mechanism of action of organic nitrates such as n…

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AllerPlex for Allergy Season

These last few weeks of winter, we look forward to spring. Soft breezes and thunderstorms. Birds singing. This year, instead of reaching for the antihistamines with their drying, sedating effects…

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Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

(OMNS January 26, 2020) The coronavirus pandemic can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antivir…

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Healthy Aging A-Z: Vitamin A

One of the first changes we may notice as we age is a decrease in visual acuity. Vitamin A is essential for the proper function of the retina of the eye. Inadequate vitamin A can lead to impaired visi…

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