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Lypo-Spheric Magnesium L-Threonate, 30 Packets

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About half the US population is deficient in magnesium. Modern agricultural practices deplete soil of magnesium, leading to less magnesium in the foods you eat. Many common medications also deplete magnesium levels. Multivitamins often contain less than 1/4 of the RDA and absorption varies greatly based on the form of magnesium in the supplement. If you aren't critically low on magnesium, you only absorb about 30-50% of dietary magnesium. Your colon eliminates the rest, which is why magnesium is often used in laxatives.

Magnesium L-Threonate is the only compound shown to significantly raise magnesium levels in the brain and encapsulating it in liposomes helps more of this water-soluble nutrient absorb into your cells where it's needed to support learning, memory, and relaxation. The phosphatidylcholine that makes up the liposomes combined with Magnesium L-Threonate is a powerful way to support brain health.*

Using patented technology, we wrap the Magnesium L-Threonate in double-layered spheres (liposomes) that protect the nutrient through the digestive system and transport it into the bloodstream for absorption in the cells.



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    My Favorite Magnesium!

    Posted by Jessica Hall on Mar 24th 2021

    I am the biggest fan of taking supplements in this sort of form. I just put a little in juice and take it like a shot. (LOL!) I take this one before bed because it does make me sleepy... which could be contributed to my thyroid and chronic fatigue... but nevertheless! It helps me calm down at night, and it also feels like it relaxed my digestive muscles when I’m having a SIBO flare up. Huge fan of these, always love having them on hand.