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    Medical Mavericks, Volume 1, Hugh Riordan, MD, cover

    Medical Mavericks, Volume 1 (Digital Download)

    Was: $7.95
    Now: $6.75

    by Hugh Desaix Riordan, M.D. | Published: December 1988 | Length: 102 pages This book could just as accurately have been titled “One person can make a difference” or “Burn him at the stake and use damp straw.” Often reviled by...

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    Medical Mavericks, Volume 2 cover

    Medical Mavericks, Volume 2 (Digital Download)

    Was: $7.95
    Now: $6.75

    by Hugh Desaix Riordan, M.D. | Published: September 1989 | Length: 100 pages Medical Mavericks, Volume Two will continue what Volume One started. It will raise the eyebrows of most, make others chuckle, and bring a sense of relief to contemporary...

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    Medical Mavericks, Volume 3, cover

    Medical Mavericks, Volume 3 (Digital Download)

    Was: $14.95
    Now: $12.70

    by Hugh Desaix Riordan, M.D. | Published: January 2005 | Length: 259 pages Prior to his death in January of 2005, Dr. Riordan had practiced clinical medicine for nearly 50 years. Having served as a consultant to the Executive Vice President of the...

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    Pyramid on the Prairie, cover

    Pyramid on the Prairie

    Was: $19.95
    Now: $16.96

    By: Craig MinerEdited by: Jan Riordan and Susan MinerIn 1975 began a unique partnership between Dr. Hugh Riordan, a psychiatrist committed to a holistic approach to health, and Olive Garvey, the octogenarian businesswoman willing to back his vision...

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    Stem Cell Therapy A Rising Tide, cover

    Stem Cell Therapy: A Rising Tide

    Was: $30.00
    Now: $25.46

    Stem cells are the repair cells of your body. When there aren't enough of them, or they aren't working properly, chronic diseases can manifest and persist. From industry leaders, sport stars, and Hollywood icons to thousands of everyday, ordinary people,...

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    User's Guide to Energy Boosting Supplements, cover

    User's Guide to: Energy Boosting Supplements

    Was: $5.95
    Now: $5.06

    Anyone who feels more tired than they should and winds up feeling fuzzy-headed from eating so-called energy foods will surely benefit from the several safe supplements that boost energy levels. Coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid, and carnitine-great energy...

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    User's Guide to Inflammation, Arthritis, and Aging, cover

    User's Guide to: Inflammation, Arthritis, and Aging

    Was: $9.95
    Now: $8.46

    User's Guide to INFLAMMATION, ARTHRITIS, and AGING Learn How Diet and Supplements Can Reduce Inflammation and Slow the Aging Processing By Ron Hunninghake, M.D. You know that eating the right foods and taking nutritional supplements can make a...