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NeuroPro Plus

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NeuroPro Plus is a patent pending combination of Pharmaceutical Grade Methylene Blue and Vitamin C. Clinical data suggests the combination of nutrients in NeuroPro Plus can be helpful nutritional support for anyone suffering from brain fog and anyone that wants more focus, concentration and memory recall.*

Benefits of Methylene Blue

ATP Production

Easily crosses the blood brain barrier to start ATP production which is the fuel for mitochondrial energy.

Reroutes Mitochondrial Electron Transfers

Provides neuroprotection against chronic and acute neurological disease.


Powerful antioxidant that provides neuroprotection by destroying free radicals (superoxide).

Oxygen and ATP (sugar)

The brain requires an immense amount of Oxygen and sugar. Methylene Blue provides the chemical mechanisms for both.

Benefits of Vitamin C


The brain has 100x more Vitamin C that other tissues. When the brain is injured it losses Vitamin C immediately causing a deficit. Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that protects the body against oxidative stress by destroying free radicals and replenishes Vitamin C. in the brain.