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Magnesium Reversing Disease

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The painstaking work of digging through every nugget of recent medical research on magnesium revealed a grand picture that even the medical visionary Thomas Levy didn't anticipate. The bottom line is that magnesium is the natural antidote for the root cause of all pathalogical damage from every disease and poisoning known to man. As grandiose as that claim may sound, the proof's inside!

Yes, all the good things you've heard about magnesium are true... but there's so much more! Discover not only the what, but the why and how in this definitive work on magnesium. If you're a layperson, it will change the way you address your personal health needs. And, if you're a health practitioner, it will give you tools to effectively treat everything from Alzheimer's to the Zika virus.

Magnesium: Reversing Disease contains enough documentation to pass medical muster for the hardcore researcher and yet clear enough that any interested student can appreciate the concepts and applications.

Thomas E. Levy, ME, JD