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Health Related Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficiency is a common condition, present in approximately 30% to 50% of the general population. Low 25- hydroxyvitamin D levels may have an effect on cardiovascular health, cancer, and diab…

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Vitamins: What's the Big Deal?

The human body requires certain nutrients in trace quantities in order to combat diseases and stay healthy. These nutrients are called vitamins. Your body can’t manufacture most of the vitamins it nee…

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Staff Picks

Dr. Ron Hunninghake1.What do you like about this product? Simple. Safe. Scientifically grounded. The perfect universal vitamin pill…a true “McPill.”(First described this way by Dr. Hugh Riordan himse…

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Do Vitamins Really Work?

At times, one may read studies published in daily newspapers and news magazines that recommend eating a balanced diet, which will satisfy all of your nutritional needs. This mantra is also repeated by…

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Riordan Clinic D3/K2: The Birth of a Superhero Combo

The privately formulated Riordan Clinic vitamin D3/K2 combines the amazing healing capacity and safety of vitamin D and K into the convenience of one capsule. Back in October, we talked about the impo…

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