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Health Supporting Supplements for Cancer Care

Supplement regimens for all of our patients are carefully tailored to their individual needs. However, there are handful of supplements that we find many of our patients use during their cancer journe…

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Vitamin C Protects Against Coronavirus

(OMNS January 26, 2020) The coronavirus pandemic can be dramatically slowed, or stopped, with the immediate widespread use of high doses of vitamin C. Physicians have demonstrated the powerful antivir…

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Vitamins: What's the Big Deal?

The human body requires certain nutrients in trace quantities in order to combat diseases and stay healthy. These nutrients are called vitamins. Your body can’t manufacture most of the vitamins it nee…

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Research Shows: Oral Vitamin C Can Protect Against the Common Cold

A recently published study in the journal Nutrients entitled, “Vitamin C and Infections” by Harri Hemilä of the University of Helsinki in Finland, found a strong correlation between oral vitamin C dos…

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Heart Disease and Vitamin C: How to Protect Yourself from Accelerated Aging

Vitamin C or ascorbic acid (AA) is essential for life in humans, as the capacity to synthesize it has been lost in the course of our evolution. Besides antioxidant properties and its role in collagen…

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