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  • Bio-Design Aloe Lax 225, 180 Capsules, bottle


    Aloe Lax 225, 180 Caps


    Each capsule of Aloe Lax 225, supplies 225 mg of carefully sourced, pure, natural Aloe ferox mill leaf resin from the South African Aloe ferox plant (Cape aloe).  Taken as directed Aloe Lax 225 provides safe, temporary...

  • Bio-Design Methyl B12 Plus, 5000 mcg Methyl B12, 400 mg Natural Methyl Folate, Vitamin B6, 60 Tablets, bottle


    Methyl B12 Plus, 5,000 mcg


    Methyl B12 Plus, each natural cherry flavored sublingual tablet contains natural bioactive B12 as Methylcobalamin, folate as natural l-5-Methylfolate, and vitamin B6 as pyridoxine HCl.  Methyl B12 Plus supports methylation...

  • Bio-Design Thyroid Glandular, 90 Capsules, bottle


    Thyroid Glandular (formerly Thyroid 130)


    Thyroid-130 supplies 130 mg of dehydrated, Argentinian bovine glandular tissue, from free-range, grass-fed animals. Thyroid-130 is intended to provide nutritional support, based on the traditional medicine principle "like...