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Stop America's #1 Killer

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In the next 24 hours, over 2,500 Americans will die from Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). The financial impact of CHD during that same 24 hours will approach $5,500,000. Based on government health statistics, over 25 million Americans are currently diagnosed with CHD and during the next 12 months over 600,000 of us will die from this disease.

Beyond the age of 50, your chances of suffering from CHD are greater than the chance of getting heads in a simple coin toss. That means most of us are heading down a dark, threatening road. It's time to take a safe detour!

Stop America's #1 Killer! provides overwhelming evidence-including over 650 scientific references-that some conditions which we now consider as risk factors for CHD:
*all start with the depletion of arterial vitamin C levels (arterial scurvy) and
*are often just the body's way of compensating for the weakness in arterial walls caused by arterial scurvy.

This book also offers a protocol for preventing and reversing the arterial blockages that cause heart attacks.

The result of Dr. Levy's diligent and sound analysis promise massive health and financial benefits for each of us-and our country- that are vastly too rich to ignore!
Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD
2nd edition (2006)
Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD