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Parasitology, Stool Exam (single specimen)
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    Parasitology, Stool Exam (single specimen)

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    Test Description

    Parasitology, Stool Exam (single specimen)

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    Parasites come in many shapes and forms. They may be found on the skin, in the hair, in the muscles, blood, liver, lungs, bladder, and in the intestinal tract. In some third world countries, it is a leading cause of sickness and death. In the U.S., there is a misconception that intestinal parasites are rare and therefore, parasitology tests are usually not ordered. Most intestinal infections come from contaminated food and water. In many immunocompromised patients, parasites are very common.

    The specimen should be collected in special containers supplied and three specimens submitted. Most positive results are obtained from diarrhea specimens before any antidiarrheal or antiparasitic therapy. The specimens are examined for ova and parasites as well as IFA tests for Cryptosporidium and Giardia lamblia.

    Ova and parasites are detected using iodine/saline and trichrome staining. The principle for Cryptosporidium and Giardia is antigen staining with specific antibodies and IFA.

    Profile Includes Stool exam (single specimen); Cryptosporidium Ag; Giardia Ag

    Test Details

    Process time: 5 to 7 business days

    CPT code: 87177; 87272 (x2)

    Rejection causes: Frozen Specimen

    Collection Instructions

    Patient prep: No bismuth, barium, laxatives, antidiarrheals and antibiotics for a least one week prior to collection.

    Specimen volume: Using the collection spoon built into the lid of the Ecofix vial, add enough stool to Ecofix specimen vial to bring combination of Ecofix fluid and stool sample to red specimen line on vial. Filling vial to slightly above the red line is allowed, if some air space remains within the vial. Close cap tightly! Shake vial vigorously until contents are well mixed.

    Minimum volume: Same

    Collection container: Use clean dry container. Do not allow urine or water to come in contact with specimen.

    Transport container: Para-Pak Ultra Ecofix plastic transport vial

    Transport instructions: Room temperature

    Collection instructions: Click here for PDF


    Normal values: The normal results should be Negative for all tests.


    Reference one: Davidson, R.A. Issues in clinical parasitology: The treatment for giardiasis. Am J Gastroent. 1984; 79: 256-261.

    Reference two: Pickering, L.K., Woodward, W.E., DuPont, H.L. et al. Occurrence of Giardia lamblia in children in daycare centers. J Ped. 1984;104:522-526.

    Reference three: Orenstein, J.M., chiang, J., Steinberg, W., et al. Intestinal microsporidiosis as a cause of diarrhea in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients-a report of 20 cases. Hum Pathol,1990; 21:475-481.

    Reference four: Editorial: Blastocystis hominis: commensal or pathogen? The Lancet. 1991; 337:521-522.

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