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    Test Description


    Homocysteine is an intermediate in the synthesis of cysteine from methionine, via cystathionine. Deficiency of vitamins B12, B6 and/or folic acid can affect the enzyme pathways associated in the formation of cysteine, resulting in an elevated homocysteine in the blood. Numerous studies have shown an association between elevated levels of blood homocysteine and various vascular and cardio-vascular diseases. It is thought that homocysteine may act as a molecular abrasive damaging the inner layer of blood vessels causing an atherosclerotic lesion. Increased levels of homocysteine have been associated with advanced age, hypothyroidism, impaired renal function, and SLE. Medications known to elevate homocysteine are nicotinic acid, L-DOPA, theophylline and methotrexate.

    Specimen is 1.0 mL of EDTA plasma.

    Test Details

    Process time: 5 to 7 business days

    Process method: The methodology for homocysteine is by Fluorescence Polarization Immuno Assay (FPIA).

    CPT code: 82131

    Special instructions: None

    Rejection causes: Gross Hemolysis

    Collection Instructions

    Patient prep: None

    Specimen volume: 1 mL serum

    Minimum volume: 0.5 mL

    Collection container: SST or red-stopper tube

    Transport container: Plastic transport tube

    Transport instructions: Refrigerate or freeze

    Collection instructions: Click here for PDF


    Normal values: Reference values established in our laboratory are 5 to 15 umol/L


    Reference one: Clarke R., Daly L., Robinson K., et. al. Hyperhomocysteine: An independent risk factor for vascular disease. N Engl J Med, 1991, 324:1149-55.

    Reference two: Caffaneo, M. Hyperhomocysteine, Atherosclerosis and Thrombosis. Thromb Haemost, 1998, 81:165-76.

    Reference three: Herman, W. The importance of hyperhomocysteinemia as a risk factor for diseases: an overview. Clin Chem Lab Med, 2001, 39(8):666-74.

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