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Candida Antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgM)
    Close Candida Antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgM)

    Candida Antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgM)

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    Test Description

    Candida Antibodies (IgG, IgA, IgM)

    Candida (yeast) is a fungus that normally occurs in the mouth, vagina, G.I tract and on the skin of many individuals. It is an opportunistic organism, that is, any time your immune system gets weak, candida will start to grow very rapidly. In the G.I. tract, extended use of oral antibiotics will destroy a lot of the bacteria that normally keeps candida in check. This will result in an overgrowth of candida and cause G.I distress. When there is a severe overgrowth of candida, it may spread to the body tissues, especially through the intestinal mucosa to the blood stream. This results in systemic Candiasis. Symptoms of this condition vary but may include migraine headaches, depression, urinary dysfunction, intestinal gas and allergies. Once in the body tissues, candida may cause the production of antibodies. These include IgM, IgG or IgA. IgM antibodies usually indicate a present infection. IgG antibodies indicate a past (or present) infection, while IgA antibodies indicate a mucosal infection.

    Test Details

    Process time: 5 to 7 business days

    Process method: The principle of the tests is ELISA.

    CPT code: 86628 (x3)

    Special instructions: None

    Rejection causes: Gross Hemolysis

    Collection Instructions

    Patient prep: None

    Specimen volume: 0.5 mL serum

    Minimum volume: 0.2 mL

    Collection container: SST or red-stopper tube

    Transport container: Plastic transport tube

    Transport instructions: Refrigerate or freeze

    Collection instructions: Click here for PDF


    Normal values:

    Low High Unit
    IgM 0.00 - 0.72 EU
    IgG 0.00 - 0.46 EU
    IgA 0.00 - 0.72 EU


    Reference one: Araj, G.F., Hoper, R.L., et. al. Diagnostic value of ELISA for detection of Candida albicans cytoplasmic antigens in sera of cancer patients, J. Clin. Microbiol., 1982, 16:46-59.

    Reference two: Ray, T.L. Fungal infections in the immunocompromised host. Med. Clin. No. Amer., 1980, 64:955-968.

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